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Why more businesses are getting out of the city

For so long, the most coveted and costly office space was found in central business districts of the big cities, including Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. But now many companies are realising the benefits of high-quality offices in city suburbs, satellite towns and rural areas.

6 benefits of getting out of the city

Lower costs

One of the biggest incentives for moving out of the city centre is to reduce costs. It’s not just the rental costs that are reduced, but companies find they get more space for less budget, as well as many cheaper extras such as commuting and parking.

No longer any need for a city centre address

There was a time when businesses felt the need to have a prestigious city centre address to portray a certain (often misleading) image. In today’s business environment, the truth is nobody cares. What we do care about is having fully functional, fit for purpose offices located close to home but accessible to the town centre within a short period of time by car and by public transport.

Better transport networks

City centres are notorious for busy traffic and frustrating transportation issues. Instead, many suburban office spaces offer far more straightforward access to road and rail networks. This can make it easier for people getting to and from work and for deliveries and transportation products. 

Room for negotiation

It can be easier to negotiate terms and secure the ideal office occupancy deal that meets your needs in less competitive premises away from the city centre. If you are not sure whether to believe this, why to give Little Offices a call to find out about office spaces for lease in Kirkintilloch, Cumbernauld and Irvine? 

Room for growth

Another advantage of offices that are out of the city centre is that once a company is settled in a location there is more likely to be ready access to a variety of similar office options. There is a great opportunity for growth and flexibility in premises that are not compromised or fixed by a city centre location.

Keeping it local

Many local communicates are keen to have a burgeoning business area and there can be incentives offered by councils and other benefits to ensure that businesses stay in the area. For example, there can be useful help from locally based experts, such as those provided by Business Gateway, to encourage businesses to stay locally and not head back to the city.

Why not find out more about what Little Offices can offer at their premises that are specifically located away from Glasgow’s city centre? Please do contact our friendly team.



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