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How to ditch the busy Glasgow work commute

If you live on the north side of Glasgow and have offices in the city centre or the south side, you’ll know all about the busy week day work commute. The same is true if you live on the south side of the city and need to journey daily into the city centre to your office. But there is a better local option for office space offered by Little Offices in three great locations.

The frustrations of busy commutes

At the height of morning and evening commuter periods it can take more than three times as long to cover what should be a short journey across the city of Glasgow.

There are various methods that business owners and their staff utilise to reduce the stress of the drive, including leaving the car behind and using public transport (not always reliable!), going by bike (not always too pleasant in Scottish weather) and making the journey at far earlier or later times of the day (disruptive to a home life and reduces leisure hours.)

But what if you could move your office to be closer to your home – or the homes of the majority of staff?

Live local, work local

Living locally and leasing office space within a five to 10 miles radius has many advantages, including reducing your commute and the costs of the commute. 

The chances are the out-of-town office space will also be cheaper and offer more space for your budget.

If you own a company and live on the north side of Glasgow, there are two great options for north-side office space, including  Kirkintilloch Business Centre and another at Carron House in Cumbernauld. 

If you live on the southside, it is a far easier commute to head south to your office, such as the Innovation Centre in Irvine.

Office relocation from south to north

A number of business have already seen the benefits of “living local, working local”,  including ground engineering contractors Northern Piling. The company was previously based in Hillington, on Glasgow’s southside, but with both directors based in the city’s northern suburbs, it made sense to switch premises.

They were delighted by the move in May 2017 and wished they had done so sooner.

Another Hillington relocation in October 2017 was Public Loss Adjusters Scotland, when they also moved to the Kirkintilloch Business Centre of Little Offices.

Long-term gains for local workplaces 

While a change of workplace might seem like a hassle in the short-term, over the long term it can make a huge difference to commuting times. 

Living closer to an office also means that staff arrive at their desks feeling far less stressed and they can enjoy spending longer at home – or enjoying their hobbies – because they do not need to set out so early or leave the office late.

Find out about more: 10 benefits of a workplace at Little Offices.

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