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Floor Plans

Our floor plans highlight how your offices could be arranged and provide an indication of the number of workstations provided per suite. Modification to this layout is of course at the discretion of the particular occupier. For a list of availability please refer to our Schedule Of Availability.


At Little Offices we pride ourselves on our standard of service and accommodation. That is why within every Little Offices Centre you will find a superior standard of finish, furnishings and facilities all combining to create a modern working environment conducive to creative thinking.

Schedule Of Availability

Carron House:

Suite No. Area (SQFT)
1 872
2 4027
3 571
6 750
9 375
11/12 1450
13 590
14/15 4520
19 430
25 480

Annan House:

Suite No. Area (SQFT)
1 868
2 886
5 550

Former Town Hall:

Suite No. Area (SQFT)
4/6 6835

Please note that availability of suites changes from time to time so please contact us for up to date information on availability.

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